IPL Photofacial

(Intense Pulsed Light Laser)


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), which is also known as a Photofacial or Photorejuvenation, is a non-invasive treatment that we offer at our Mississauga clinic to help sun-damaged and aging skin look better. It makes your skin look better by getting rid of brown spots, redness, fine lines, and swollen pores. Treated by Helene Mississaugaestie


Note: *All Prices are subject to change without notice


How it works

IPL is a controlled light that goes through the collagen layer of the skin. The light is tailored to the color and state of your skin. IPL is drawn to skin discolorations that are red or brown, and it makes collagen production go up.

The IPL Photorejuvenation treatments at our center in Mississauga last for thirty minutes. Five treatments, spaced out every three weeks, are usually recommended to see gradual change.

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Recommended Aftercare Products

We will suggest a skin care program including sun protection to maintain your renewed healthy and youthful appearance.

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