Chemical Peel

Medical Grade Chemical Peel

For those seeking to correct sun damage or other small or severe skin defects, Medical Grade Chemical Peels are a fantastic alternative. With the use of these chemical peels, you can safely and effectively treat undesirable freckles, hyperpigmentation, and fine wrinkles by removing dead skin cells. At Bodyglo we offer 3 different types of Peels. Viver Pharma’s Jessners Peel for medium- deep for problematic issues, a Lactic Acid for mild superficial issues, and a Glycolic Acid 40% for superficial issues. A medical grade Chemical Peel will leave your skin looking younger, tighter, and more radiant.

Chemical Peel


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Great! I love the staff and I see very noticeable improvement with their chemical peel services. Highly recommend!
Elisha Martis

Certified Medical Aesthetics

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Benefits of a Medical Grade Chemical Peel

Frequently Asked Questions

For any skin condition, six to eight peel treatments are usually necessary. Otherwise any time large pores
are present, a peel is a great way to tighten pores or if the skin appears dull a medical grade Chemical Peel
will reveal a more glowing complexion.

Winter, during the colder months is the best time of year for a medical grade Chemical Peel, it protects your
skin significantly more during the healing and recuperation phases. This is particularly true for patients who
select for a deeper peel process or who require several sessions.

In the initial days, you can experience some moderate swelling, discomfort, and dryness. After day 2 or 3,
discolorations or other flaws may become more apparent, and your skin may appear flaky or peeling. You
can have a breakout or notice that your skin appears brown or marginally darker than usual after three to
four days. Peeling can last 5-7 days. In some cases peeling is minimal and may have to be repeated.
Darker skin tones may require more sessions to get the peeling effect.

Chemical peels are not very painful. Most patients find it minimal and bearable. You might feel a little tight
or tingly, or notice a temperature shift in your skin. Throughout the process, the healthcare professional will
keep an eye on your response to make sure you’re at ease.

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