What is Microneedling?

Microneedling, also referred to as collagen induction is a minimally invasive treatment which uses a cartridge of tiny needles which involves pricking the skin. Large pores, wrinkles, and a variety of scars can all be treated using microneedling. Primarily utilized on the face, microneedling can be used to treat many other areas as well. Because the micropricks are very superficial, there is little discomfort associated with microneedling. The body heals the incisions as soon as it senses them. This gives the appearance of renewed skin. For smoother, firmer, and more toned skin, microneedling helps skin to produce new collagen and skin tissue.


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Elevate your routine with Microneedling, a transformative treatment that revitalizes your skin.

Microneedling reduces the appearance of

Frequently Asked Questions

The number of Microneedling treatments required for amazing results depends on what condition the skin is in when treatments are begun. Most people hoping to tighten and tone their skin will be on track with 6 treatments. Those who are seeking to diminish the depth of acne scarring generally require a minimum of 10–15 sessions.

Downtime after Microneedling is minimal, but you can expect to have several days of pink skin and some sensitivity. There will most likely be pinpoint bleeding during the treatment, which will stop almost immediately. The skin tends to take on a “bronzed” appearance for several days post treatment. This bronzed outer layer of skin will begin to flake off, revealing a fresh and glowing new you underneath. It is recommended that you stay away from the sun and avoid strenuous exercise for 4 days following treatment. Additionally, it is recommended that hot showers, baths, hot-tubs and saunas are avoided for about two weeks after Microneedling as well.

Treatment is always comfortable 

Anesthetic is applied. We wait 15-20 min before starting the treatment

The best results are achieved by completing a series of treatments with Microneedling. Although results vary from person to person, most will experience improvement in the tone and texture of the skin after their first treatment. Fine lines and wrinkles soften dramatically, and scarring becomes significantly less noticeable. Microneedling has gained a strong reputation for rejuvenating sluggish, dull skin. Skin becomes noticeably clearer, smoother and more radiant.

The ideal alternative to undergoing a lengthy surgical procedure and long-term aftercare, skin needling treatments are minimally-invasive and relatively pain-free. Throughout the treatment, you may feel slight discomfort, however, our microneedling team will support you throughout the process, with topical anaesthetic or numbing cream an option to your skin to help minimise the potentially uncomfortable sensation. While everyone’s pain tolerance is different, most of our derma needling patients rate the pain as 2 out of 10.

Prior to your skin needling in Mississauga, our expert Bodyglo.co team will conduct a thorough skin scan to analyze and assess your main beauty concerns. Whether you’re ready to turn back the clock on ageing skin or reduce the appearance of stretch marks, we’ll create a tailored treatment plan that will help you reach your skin goals. Our derma needling treatment takes approximately 1 hour to complete and our skin therapists will provide you with a detailed aftercare plan that’ll speed up the recovery process.

While every patient is different, most people require treatment every 6 to 8 weeks for permanent and consistent collagen induction. If you have questions about Microneedling prices for follow-up sessions at Bodyglo.co, get in touch with us today.

When you visit Bodyglo.co and opt for face needling in Mississauga, you’ll notice skin-enhancing results almost immediately. As soon as the needle penetrates the skin, the body’s wound healing processes respond to quickly heal these small punctures. This means collagen production is accelerated, along with cellular turnover.

Do not consider Microneedling - Patients with the following:

  • Live acne or is on Accutane.
  • Heart conditions or using blood thinners
  • Receiving chemotherapy or irradiation treatment for cancer.
  • Fever blisters or recurrent skin irritation (contact dermatitis).
  • Keloid scarring.
  • Dermal tags, pimples, blemishes.
  • Skin conditions such as dermatitis.

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