Key Lime Pie Detox


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Key Lime Pie Detox

For this scrub, we combine our amazing detoxifying ingredients with the delicious scents of Key Lime Pie to give you an extraordinary shower time experience. Made with all natural and organic ingredients, this scrub helps encourage shedding of old/dead skin while assisting in development of new skin growth on a cellular level. In addition, key ingredients help to restore moisture lost on a day to day basis and purifies your skin of toxins picked up from the everyday pollution we’re exposed to. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll smell like a freshly made pastry as soon as you step out of the shower. Relax and unwind as the healing properties of this scrub satisfies your skin care needs as well as your sweet tooth!

Additional tips + instructions will be sent with your order. All natural and can be used with all members of the family on most any part of the body. Ages 6 and up.

Scrub on. Let sit on body for a couple minutes. Rinse off with comfortably hot water. There is no oily “after-feel”, so rinse until the moisturizing oil is washed off.


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