Ginger Lemon Peach Detox Scrub


All Organic Ingredients

  • Ingredients:  Raw Cane Sugar, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Dead Sea Salt, Organic Lemon, Organic Ginger Root, Organic Peach, Organic Coconut Oil
  • Made to order
  • Handmade item
  •  8 Fluid ounces
  • Ships worldwide from United States
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Ginger Lemon Peach Detox Scrub

The name says it all. We take the essential elements of ginger root, lemon pulp and peel, and peach emulsion, along with grey dead sea salt + pure cane sugar to create the perfect substance to whisk away dead skin and replace lost moisture. In addition to ridding your body of excess dead skin, the ginger and lemon assist on a cellular level to promote skin regeneration and healing of dry patches. In fact, this scrub can be used lightly across combination skin types to create balance naturally, rather than using harsh peroxides or synthetic acids.

This scrub is IDEAL when used to exfoliate and moisturize skin (as well as balancing the skin’s pH balance–a vital trick) prior to being spray/airbrush-tanned.

Specific instructions + additional tips/tricks will accompany this product.

Tip: Mix this scrub with your favorite yogurt and apply to skin as normal. Let sit an additional 4-5 mins and rinse with comfortably WARM water. You’ll be amazed.


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